As a not-for-profit organisation, we target to maintain an affordable amount of school fees which could ensure the best value for money. All fees are reviewed annually by the Board and announced to the public in good time.

Tuition fees are set as below:

Grade Fee (KZT)


1-12 4,000,000

Our tuition fees include:

  • regular classroom instruction (but not preps, supplementary and extra-curricular activities);
  • course textbooks;
  • Cambridge exam fees (if applicable)


School meals

The meal is provided by a catering company that is contracted with the school and, therefore, parents need to make separate agreements with the company if they wish to have their children eat at school. The company has an office at the school where parents can refer to regarding contracts, suggestions and complaints about food and its services.



We provide an early payment discount for those parents/carers wishing to make full payments before an indicated date. There are also sibling discounts provided if two or more children of the same family are enrolled.


Other information

Please be informed that parents have to pay for any kinds of expenses that are not mentioned above such as a set of school uniform and PE kit, school meals, transportation, trips, etc. No documents (report cards, transcripts, certificates of attendance, etc.) will be issued if there are outstanding fees. All fees must be deposited to the school’s bank account.