Guiding Statements


Galaxy International School strives to develop well-rounded global citizens with a passion for lifelong learning.


Learning for a better world

Core Values:

  • Academic excellence
  • Integrity
  • International mindedness
  • Inquiry
  • Reflection
  • Sense to others

School Philosophy:

Galaxy International School is committed to cater for educational needs of our students who come from various cultural backgrounds. We aspire to promote excellence in the academic aspects of students as well as in social and personal aspects. We strive to develop in our students a sense of responsibility towards the world around. 

The goal of the GIS curriculum is to maintain a balance between a strong academic foundation and psychological guidance with an emphasis on the advancement of independent thinking, behavioural development and emotional resilience guiding our students towards being active learners. 

We believe that to become global citizens, our students must be equipped with international social awareness, tolerance and respect. As a community composed of people with different backgrounds we recognize the importance of unity, camaraderie and friendship.