Pastoral Care

In Primary school, we are committed to creating a caring environment for children and their parents to learn and grow together, being the very best they can be. Every effort is made to remove obstacles to successful learning and to equip our students with the confidence and skills to be enthusiastic learners and effective members of the community.

As part of our Pastoral Care programme in the Primary school, discipline in school is maintained with the help of a reward system, children being rewarded for good work and behaviour by points. Furthermore, our dedicated Pastoral Care team conducts Personal, Social, Health & Education (PSHE) classes.

PSHE in Primary School aims to help children to:

  • understand themselves and others.
  • develop skills to enable them to form and sustain relationships.
  • develop positive self-esteem.
  • develop an appropriate set of values and a moral code by which to live.
  • promote the development of skills such as decision-making and assertiveness.
  • make positive, informed choices to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.