Admissions Process

The Admissions Process consists of five stages:

  1. Initial inquiry: At this stage, candidates or their parents/carers contact us to inquire about the school. Our staff provides general information about the school such as school programmes, admissions process, school daily hours, tuition fees, number of vacancies in the class, etc.
  2. Admissions examination: Registered candidates take a CAT4 (Cognitive Abilities Test) admissions examination and an interview with the Vice Principal for Academics.
  3. Admissions Committee: Formed by the Director, the Committee evaluates the candidates in the light of their examination results, age, candidate priority status, previous school records, class vacancies and other criteria when making decisions on granting or rejecting enrolment to the School. The decision is then announced to the public.
  4. Admissions Documents: Having completed basic financial commitments, candidates or their parents/carers submit all the admissions documents in a way as specified by the School.
  5. Order: The candidates are officially deemed as enrolled by an order issued by the school.